The Service Hosting Platform

OIP Service Hosting Platform enables fast service or application deployment, whether using template, or your own choice of images.

Subscribers can upload their own services with visible-to-eye spawn speed without the needs to allocate resources. Application can be easily deployed and scaled with long-term life-cycle maintenance and system health management.

Storage is dynamically provisioned for your own use, allowing different tiers of storage to be exposed to the developers using Quality of Service (QoS) labels.

Image created is portable and can be used in any container platform! This includes docker platform, Kurbenetes and RedHat based solution.


We have a complete system management ecosystem that offers more features on top of the basic functionalities.

User Management

We offers managing multi-tenant system users and levels across many project teams at ease via Admin Dashboard.

Project Management

Users are enabled to deploy their services or creating new services, easily with CI/CD.

Pods Management

Scaling and resizing service capacity has never been this easy with our container platform.

Routes Management

Any on-demand service requirement can be dynamically managed and accessed through the service routes creation.

Service Management

Hosting your customized service and deploying it has been made simple with the service console and web UI.

Application Image Management

Experience our easy-to-access Service Catalog Dashboard for a rapid application deployment to suit your needs.

Available Language and Platform

Ideally, every languages and platforms are supported for your service's use; well, depending on your image library. Here are some of the popular programming languages and platforms that we have tested for you.

Want to have a Container Account?

With container account, you are allowed to host an unlimited number of services in a finite projects without resources up front. Contact us and show your interest now!